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100 Days Writing Challenge

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After being on the Medium platform for over 8 months and publishing 40+ writing pieces, last night I suddenly saw the magic word “distributed” on the stats section of my newly published story. I could not believe it. So, I quickly sent out the screenshots in my Facebook groups. Until and unless I got a confirmation from a dear friend, I couldn't breathe.

Thanks to the Almighty that I am still alive.

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You need not be a whiz kid or some kind of genius to make people crazy over an idea. Sometimes the simplest of things does the magic.

The same hysteria applies to curation.

There is too much hue and cry over the topic. I am not saying it is a bad thing. Why would I say that? It is great! Nevertheless, in my humble opinion, it is not that big of a deal as it is painted to be. Further, it is not the only criteria for judging the content quality that writers on Medium are producing. The aim should…

#MWC Work

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Meaning Of Work (to different people)

Work has different meanings to different people.

It all depends on who they are…

…and what stage in life they are at.

Unborns work to survive in the womb

Babies work to get milk and cleaning

Kids work to be obedient to the parents

Teens work to have fun and enjoyment

Adults work to meet the need of the hour

Elders work to answer the call of wisdom

Students work to get good grades in the exams

Parents work to provide food and shelter for the families

Teachers work to attain a bright future for the nations

Laborers work to…

#MWC Death

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I have had multiple death near-death experiences in my life.

In fact, this is the sweet and bitter awareness that I have had over the years. I concluded each chapter and moved on to the next. Good or bad, each phase made its mark. I remembered some and forgot some.

I will call out the ones that impacted the most. Each depicts a mini-story.

Enjoy the ride while I will try to hide someplace secluded as it will allow me to laugh and cry in peace.

End of School Days

I was hardly out of my pampers and into the biggest misery of my…

#MWC Space

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People want space in life. They demand space and enjoy more of it.

My thought process tells me that there are two aspects to this phenomenon. One is physical, another is mental.

From a physical point of view, we want things like more leg space in the flight, big car parking at the shopping mall, ample grocery in the kitchen pantry, and so on. We also love to have big cars, spacious offices, and gigantic houses.

The same is the case with relationships. We want to make our own choices, enjoy peace of mind being solo, want to be independent……

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It seems like an unwanted child or a lost love that time and time again I refrain from writing. Yet, I keep turning back to pen down my stray ideas.

It gives me the feeling of being back home.

Don’t know how to explain or understand the thought process.

But it keeps bringing me back to the old drawing board, where I create my infamous stories.

To speak out the truth, I am no genius or a fanatic for writing. Yet, something hidden, dying to come out of nowhere. To support my argumentation, only one thing catches my attention or…

Business | Lawsuits

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American cars have been traditionally known to be safe, spacious, rock-solid, and thus, expensive.

The key players in the US auto industry till the early 70s to make it all happen were General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Stellantis North American.

However, on account of the oil crisis and other economic factors of the 1970s, the American auto industry was under a major threat because of higher quality and cheaper versions of foreign cars.

Car manufacturers from Japan, Germany, and a few others countries were ready to tap the US auto market for more economical and subcompact cars.

A subcompact…

Business | Leaders

Photo credit: IKEA website

This is all about Ingvar Kamprad, a Swedish farm boy who started his life journey in the year 1926.

The boy had dyslexia and thus had trouble learning at school. Though he finished school, but couldn’t go to college.

He displayed remarkable business skills right from an early age as he began selling matches to the neighbors.

But way before Ingvar was born, his grandfather had committed suicide, as his company wasn’t doing well and was on the verge of bankruptcy. Later, his grandmother saved the company. …

100 Days Writing Challenge

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It has been almost two months being on the 100 days writing challenge on Illumination. I have enjoyed the ride very much to this day. Yet, I am sadly bidding farewell to this unique and interesting journey on account of several personal and professional reasons.

To make it all possible, I want to thank all the editors on ILLUMINATION who published my stories.

These are none other than Dr. Preeti Singh, Terry L. Cooper, Dr Michael Heng, Maria Rattray, and Josh Balerite Acol. I hope I did not miss anyone here.

I would like to thank everyone who took out…

Photo by tabitha turner on Unsplash

Italy undoubtedly remains one of the dream destinations for globetrotters, shopaholics, food fanatics, and nature lovers. Visit Rome, Venice, or any of such places in the country to find all and more that you have ever imagined.

But how about taking your imagination to the next level?

Wouldn’t it great if you could live in Italy permanently? But how is that possible… for living, you need a home right? So, what if I told you there is even a possibility to buy a house in Italy for just one euro?

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?


Misbah Ul Haq Syed

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